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Bonjour! Como Estas?

A common greeting in French, everyone is quite acquainted with.

Well, speaking a line or two is not enough if you want to speak like a PRO.

Speaking of which; a foreign language is not as scary as everyone thinks. If you just follow up the correct way of learning it. The fact is, there are many ways you can go wrong, which is; if you forget how to reply back or you say the wrong word or don't understand. Let me tell you, these are just a normal part of learning a foreign language.

There are many people who are very interested and keen to learn new languages because they want to connect with people from other cultures and some just want less difficulty in communicating while traveling abroad.

This blog will help you ease your practice of speaking a new foreign language. Pen down the step-by-step guides we have for you:

#Settle for one language and remember where to start:

If you’re starting from the bottom, then get yourself a beginner textbook, material, or online course and start learning. When you pick your course, make sure to go for one that teaches you words and phrases that you might need in simple conversations.

#Practice and Memorize

Remember that, Theory and practice depend on each other. When you practice speaking, you’ll get a better idea on how to use the words you’ve been learning in conversations, which will make more sense to you and you’ll remember them more quickly. Learn the simple useful words and phrases, keep practicing and try to memorize as many as you can. You can practice them in your conversations so that you can get into the habit of using them. Note it down to make it easier for you to remember.

# Make it your routine:

The most ideal way to improve and speak fluently like a native speaker is to invest in practice as much as you can. For your better benefit, use them consistently and add-on to your everyday practice.

So that's the end of our little session. To know more, you can kick off with your language classes which Finndit has curated for you. We have multiple options of languages for you. You can opt according to your choice. Now TIME FOR SOME ACTION. Just one click, and begin your learning right away!

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Facts that you need to know about mental health

In a country like India, a mental health disorder is still a taboo. It is perceived as a sense of judgement and a result of low will power. On the other hand, it has nothing to do with self- discipline. It develops from the interaction of multiple genes and factors such as abuse, stress or any traumatic event.

Factors that are responsible for mental illness

To be estimated, approximately 56 million Indians are suffering from depression while around 35 million suffer from anxiety disorder. Research has shown that women and young adults are more likely to develop anxiety disorders. There are different factors that have been linked to mental illness including:

Biological Factors:

Genetics, infections, brain defects, prenatal damage, poor nutrition or long substance abuse is linked with the development of mental illness

Psychological Factors:

Sexual abuse, disturbing old memory, loss of a closed one, rejections are some psychological factors that account for mental illness.

Environmental Factors:

Dysfunctional family, divorce, low self-esteem, feeling of isolation, anger, abuse by a person's parents.

Clearly, mental health is a mix of biological, psychological and environmental factors. It has no relation with strength of will. But, you don’t have to worry. There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your mental health. What are they and what steps do you need to take? To know, keep reading. But, before we tell you about the steps, know about its signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of Mental Illness

  • Low Energy and fatigue
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Altered eating or sleeping habits
  • Not doing the activities that you like
  • No purpose in life
  • Feeling lonely and hopeless
  • Unexplained pain and aches
  • Overthinking
  • Feelings of fear, distress, confusion, forgetfulness, worrisome
  • Trying to harm yourself
  • Not performing daily tasks.
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Variation in blood pressure.
  • Troubling thoughts that you are not able to work on

If you are facing these symptoms, this is a clear indication that you need to consult a psychiatrist and make some changes in your lifestyle. If you are looking for some best psychiatrist in your city, Finndit has mentioned a list of some best psychiatrists. They will guide you through a complete therapy session. Some lifestyle changes that have results are:

  • Food therapy
  • Anti-anxiety and mood stabilizing medications (After the consultation of a doctor)
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • A sense of gratitude
  • Sound sleep

Now, you have a fair idea about mental health. If you think that you have a mental health problem, get help. Do not compromise with mental health needs and get in touch with the doctors from Finndit.

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Why Should Mental Health be a Priority?

We always have been giving so much importance to our physical health. When it comes to physical wellness, people rush to doctors without giving any second thought. On the other hand mental health is never considered significant. It comes as no surprise that talking about anxiety and depression is still considered as a stigma.

The taboo about mental health

People feel disgrace in accepting the fact that they are going through stress in their life. It is usually found that people prefer sweeping the problem instead of accepting them. As a result, bringing more pain into your life.

Psychological Impact of Covid

During the pandemic, a complete lockdown was observed which interfered with people’s mental health. A sudden change was seen in the people's behavior patterns.

In fact, a survey conducted by Indian Psychiatry society stated that about two-fifths of participants had anxiety. Approximately, 10% of the participants had depression. And, 40.5% of the participants were dealing with anxiety or depression.

Also, around 74% of people were suffering from moderate levels of stress. These figures clearly state the level of mental health in our country.

During lockdown mental health issues saw a sudden rise. Staying indoors, self-quarantining and maintaining social distance are some of the reasons that led to breakthroughs. Clearly, there is a need to expand the mental health services.

As an individual, it is your responsibility to look for the symptoms and take quick action before it’s too late. The team of Finndit has come up with the best psychiatrist near you. Book the appointment and fight back with your poor mental health.

Strategies that you can perform on your own to fight mental health issues

As discussed above, mental health is a vital aspect of life and accounts for the overall quality of life. Not dealing with these issues means not taking care of your needs. And, self care is one such step that helps in prioritizing mental health. Try to find out the activities that you love doing or some exercise that gives you immense satisfaction. Some other ways you can adopt are:

  1. Practice Mindfulness
  2. Positive Affirmations
  3. Communicate
  4. Food Therapy
  5. Proper sleep hours

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean only eating right or getting involved in physical activity or sleeping well. Undoubtedly, it involves all of that, but mental health cannot be ignored. No matter how busy you are, always keep your mental health a priority. For professional guidance you can seek help from Finndit’s verified psychiatrists.

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Perfumes: A smart way to introduce yourself

It might come to your surprise that people tend to remember their loved ones or strangers through the smell they wear. Even psychology says that some highly emotional events in our lives are encoded as smell memories. Clearly, the smell you wear is saying a lot about you and your personality without even saying a word. For this reason, you need to consider a lot of factors before picking any perfume for yourself.

What do perfumes say about you?

Any person’s fragrance says a lot about their personality. Initially it was used to mask the body odour. But, today it has altogether a different meaning. It has become a form of self- expression. For example,

  1. The aquatic scents depict a cool, free-spirited and an intellectual personality.
  2. Floral scents portray that you are a friendly and fun loving person.
  3. If you love fruity smells, it shows that you are very energetic and people enjoy your company.
  4. People who prefer green fragrances love drama and entertainment in their lives. They are sophisticated and classy.

How to choose the best perfume online?

Well! As a woman you want to have a signature perfume that defines you. Isn’t it? But if you buy them online, you cannot smell them. Thus, it is essential to look into a few things which includes:

Doing Research:

Before you pick any perfume for yourself do not forget to do your homework. Check the reviews of your customers. You can see if any blogger is posting about the perfume you are liking. For best results, you can prefer going through the list created by Finndit. This will give you insight about some of the best perfume shops.


The description about the online products are genuine and contain the relevant information. This can really help you to get a better understanding, if it suits your lifestyle and personality.

A quiz:

Scent quizzes are one of the smart ways to get to know about your perfume preferences. They will explain to you about the types of scents that you really like.

Once you have completed these three steps, you are good to go. We hope that the information mentioned above will help you to discover the smell that defines exactly who you are. If you are all set to buy a new perfume for yourself, go through them Finndit and see what all it has to offer you in finding an ideal perfume.

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