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Steps To Follow Before Shifting To Another City

We know you are quite excited about moving to a new city. But, somewhere deep down you know that it is going to take too much effort. From shifting to setting in a new place come plenty of challenges. Especially, when you are with kids. As, along with your stuff you have to pack your entire family’s items. Before it becomes stressful for you, we have come up with interesting ideas to subtract your hassle. Have a glimpse!

Packers and Movers: Before doing anything else, this is the very step that you need to take. The professionals offer quality services at a very affordable rate. Ultimately, saving you from unwanted headaches. Remember, that you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for professional packers and movers on the internet. Finndit has listed the best packers and movers in your city. Get in touch with them and make the entire shifting process hassle free.

Prepare a List: After you have searched for the packer and movers, now comes the second part. This is the time to prepare a list of the stuff that needs to get packed. For example, go to each and every room and share the prepared list with your packers and movers. This will give the professionals an estimate about the vehicles required for the transportation.

Important Documents: Find all the important documents and place them in a file. In case you are moving out of state, do not forget to add these documents before you vacate:

Address Proof

Gas book containing connection voucher and regulator

Identity Proof

Your kids transfer documents including mark sheet, migration certificate to get admission in the new school.

The Essential Items: There are some items that you might need as soon as you reach your new home. These include soap, tooth brushes, sanitizer, first aid box, mobile-laptop chargers and gadgets,

Moving Checklist: Just like your important documents, it is equally important to make a moving checklist. For example, do not forget to pay all dues before moving out. From transferring DTH to registering your vehicle, transfer a request letter which has your customer number, current address and new address.

Now you have a fair idea about the steps that you need to follow before moving to a new place. Doesn’t matter if you want to move locally or inter- state, consider following these steps using Finndit. We hope that this blog post has helped you! Happy Shifting!

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Cryptocurrency Bill: India To Go Ahead With Its Plan

If statistics are to be believed, approximately 7.90% of the population use cryptocurrency in India. In fact, according to the CREBACO (Credit Rating for Exchanges Blockchains and Coin Offerings) Indian crypto investments have reached to $10. Despite the involvement of a large population, the India government passed a crypto bill. Why is it passed and what impact will it have on the digital currency in India? To know more, keep reading.

Crypto Bill To Pass In Winter Session

The cryptocurrency bill came after multiple meetings between the government and the industry. According to the cryptocurrency bill, the government of India has planned to allow only a few cryptocurrencies to promote the technology and its uses. The Reserve Bank of India is planning to bring its own.

The cryptocurrency bill 2021, is the part of proposed Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill. In point of fact, the prime minister Narendra Modi said that it is essential for all the democratic countries to work on this matter before it ends ineffectively in wrong hands. Further, he stated that bitcoin is a complete hazard to the younger generation.

Yet another discussion about India’s future in crypto, the experts from CREBACO and WazirX came to a conclusion. According to which, a framework for the formation of digital currency that needs to be issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

Digital Currencies Drop After The Announcement Of The Bill

Soon after the cryptocurrency bill was announced, a sudden drop was seen in the value of digital currencies. To be more clear, WazirX the Indian exchange site saw an unbroken fall in bitcoin value for more than 13%.

If this bill gets passed in the parliament, it will ban Indians from using cryptocurrencies and making transactions. Approximately, 71% of Indians have no or zero trust on cryptocurrencies. However, over 50% of the Indians do not want cryptocurrencies to get legalized.


The government repeatedly assured that they are not going to ban all the cryptocurrencies in India. Only a few private coins will be regulated. The entire creation of the digital currency will be in such a manner that crypto will never go to the wrong hands. The only thing that India government is concerned about is the transaction happening in contrast to cryptocurrency, especially its part in the terror funding and hawala. To get rid of this, a strict mechanism will be formed to be traced by the law enforcement agencies.

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Farm Laws and Their Withdrawal: What Do You Need To Know?

Farm Laws and farmers' protests caught the attention of the media channels in every respect. This protest is considered as one of the longest movements that has happened in Independent India. Started in Punjab, the laws were passed in September 2020 which gradually spread to Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Later, it raised eyebrows of the entire nation when it reached the capital of the nation - Delhi.

How Farmers Managed to Continue the Protest for Almost a Year?

There are a number of reasons that let the protestors keep going. Out of all, unity stands first. All the leaders of the farmers were strategic in their approach while following the rule of togetherness. Despite Republic day violence, the farmers still remained united under the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha.

The financial support carried the agitation forward

The movement needed a steady source of finances. For this, they made collections from the villages. In fact, the biggest union of farmers known as Ugrahan BKU in Punjab followed the system of collecting funds. The president of Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee (KMSC), Satnam Singh Pannu confirmed that after rabi and kharif harvest, the funds were collected twice a year. Concurrently, the monetary support by the artists and NRI’s helped in constructing the toilets, shelters and digging borewells.

Effective Communication gathered the flock

The farmers came to know about the three farm laws 2021 through social media. They made a group on What’s App to gather the masses. On 26th January, the police tried to vacate the site, yet the farmers mobilized thousands of people at the site overnight. Simultaneously, the farmers' unions got immense encouragement by the singers, artists and social media warriors. Clearly, the communication led more people to connect with the movement.

Repeal of the three contentious farm laws

On the occasion of Gurupurab, the prime minister Narendra Modi withdrew the three contentious farm laws on 19th November 2021. In reaction to which some farmers perform havan, while some lit candles at the Singhu border. However, the cabinet approval is likely to be announced on Nov 24 where farmers will decide their future course on Nov 27th.

This movement has taught us that nothing is above the masses wishes. The opinion leaders and decision makers need to consider the will of the people and pass laws accordingly. India lost more than 700 people in the wake of this movement. As a result, the prime minister has to show political profundity to the farm laws.

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Animals listen to your blues! What are you doing for them?

Just like humans, animals too need love, care, and affection. Every year World’s Animal welfare day is celebrated on 4th October to increase the status of animals across the globe. But, this is not only about just one day. We need to take steps every day to raise their status. Yet, this day is a wonderful reminder.

Are you really fulfilling your duty as an individual?

The very first animal day was celebrated on March 24, 1925. It was founded by animal activist Heinrich Zimmermann. And, today it has turned into a global event. The head of Tibetan Buddhism Dalai Lama once said killing animals for any reason, be it for sport, pleasure, or adventure, furs are very distressing. There is no justification in involving in such acts of brutality. Clearly, as humans it is our responsibility to make this planet a better place for animals.

How can you do your part?

Donate to some non-profit organization, anything that you can afford.

You can visit a local shelter or an animal sanctuary. This will help you to find species at one place. By visiting an animal sanctuary you can do something better with your time. Also, if you want you can adopt a new family member. After all, the pets are just like other humans living around to spread the happiness

Know about animal issues and see what you can do on your part. Especially, taking an animal to a veterinary doctor, if they need some extra care.

If you have your own pet, you can make a favourite meal or get a favourite toy. But, this should not be done on this day. Showing extra care to your pet everyday boosts their mood and keeps them safe, healthy and happy.

Try avoiding products that hurt them. Go through the pet care section of Finndit. Here you can find some interesting products for your pet. From food items to clothing, there are a variety of products that are easily available.

People around the world organize events or shows on world animal welfare day. If you are also interested in organizing an event, you can organize it under the banner of world animal welfare day. For this, you can also get in touch with theevent organizers at Finndit and have a headache-free event.

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