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Fight Against the Deadly Corona

Life hasn’t been normal ever since we heard of the deadly virus “COVID-19”

Amusing as it may sound, the “Coronavirus” won’t just flee by chanting “Go Corona Go” or gather together in a group singing “Corona song” at the top of your lungs.

Time to WAKE UP my dear good citizens, and let’s face the brutal reality together. The deadly virus has knocked us down pretty hard and it has been our worst enemy since then.

During the past few days, we woke up in a total nightmare, heartbreaking as it was watching millions of people grieving for the loss of their loved ones, and we can all relate to that pain. In fact, many people have started offering prayers, fasting, conducting daily pujas, pleading to their gods for the fear of corona not to befall upon any of their families and loved ones. Many of us have seen that grief has set off our anger, our hearts have turned stone-cold. But is this worth it?

We’ve all had enough of this virus, it has taken away everything from us. But rather than being angry, don’t you think we should first ask ourselves where that anger might stem from. Are we actually angry at the virus? the doctors? hospitals? the situation?  or maybe ourselves for not taking precautions?

All of this, confusion is going to land us nowhere until we open our eyes and ears and see the reality about what we can actually do. So in the absence of other options, is there anything we can do?

Well, the answer is “YES” We have to adapt to the new normal, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, maintain social distancing, carrying hand sanitizer.

One bonus point; a new study has recently found the method of PRONING

Ever heard of that? Perhaps it can be a new word for you, well from this moment on you will always remember since I am going to share with you the top benefits. Proning is a position when a person lies on the stomach, with face down. The prone position is a basic respiratory support, which improves oxygenation, reducing the need for invasive ventilation.

The expert says that it is especially beneficial for COVID-19 patients without a ventilator, so you can do a good gesture by increasing this awareness to your friends and families. And you may save a life.

As we see daily on the news popping up, reporting the hospitals reeling under the shortage of oxygen supply and medical facilities. At such crucial juncture, “how to improve your oxygen levels” is going viral in Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media’s. It has brought to our awareness that this method can also save lives. Isn’t that a big deal? Yes, you heard it right, It’s a life saver. So if any of your families are having troubles with breathing you can suggest this exercise. They won’t have to waste a penny.

Meanwhile, as we locked ourselves up in our homes, we shall practice all the necessary methods to avoid catching this deadly virus. If you think you cannot do much as a normal citizen, you are highly wrong.  As long as you take up and follow the COVID- protocols you are actually saving thousands of lives. Be a great example around you.

Henceforth, in our toughest times, let us find hope, encourage each other and be optimistic. Like we say nothing last forever so, “This too shall pass”

Remember, protecting yourself means you are protecting your loved ones and the people around you.


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Genius tips for storing winter clothes

Winters comes with a whole new fashion and a wardrobe full of woollen clothes. Have you been wondering why your gorgeous coats, sweaters and shawls look a little duller than the last time?

We will tell you why!!

When summers approach, you are tempted to put your woollens aside as they occupy so much of your closet’s space. Tossing your winter clothes in a box or a space bag is a quick fix solution, but it is quite possible you might not find them in their best state the next year if you do not store them properly. Winter clothes are delicate and need special attention. Taking the time and storing your winter clothing properly can save you from frustration, re-purchasing, moth-eaten woollens and a funky odour when the winters return the next year.

Let us give you some tips on how you can store your winter clothes so that your winter gear is ready to flatter all and also keep you warm in the next coming winters.

  1. Before you put away your winter clothes, segregate the ones you are sure you won’t be wearing the next season. Donate whatever you don’t wear.
  2. Clean with a mild detergent or dry clean all the winter clothes even if you have worn them only once. Storing dirty winter wear will encourage the moths and silver-fish to attack your winter cloth fibre, leading to holes in your clothes.
  3. Do not use a fabric softener, bleach or starch as these attract the pests. Make sure you clean them with a basic detergent only.
  4. Any cloth that is damaged should be repaired when you are putting them away. Many dry-cleaners would be happy to be of assistance in repairing your sweaters and zippers at reasonable costs.
  5. Never store the woollens in a plastic bag because that doesn’t allow the cloth to breathe. The woollen might have some moisture which the plastic bag won’t allow to evaporate.
  6. Pick the right place to store your woollens. Avoid storing woollens in the basement, attic or garage as these places tend to be humid compared to other places in the house. Under the bed or in one corner of the closet is a better storage place.

To help keep your woollens fresh, clean and ready to wear in the next winter season, Finndit brings you a list of the best Dry Cleaners near you. Get your dirty woollens dry cleaned so that the next time you unpack your woollens, they would be as new as when you bought them.

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Connects you with the right service provider

We all at some point or another need to get in touch with a plumber, carpenter, dentist, gym instructor, hairstylist, etc. Haven’t we all struggled to find the right doctor or a coaching institute for our child? Finndit is a local service provider which gives you information about anything you wish to sell, rent or buy. It is a great platform that connects you with just the right Service Providers. Finndit has the best service providers in town listed on it. Finndit also gives you suggestions that are closer to you.

There are zillions of service providers out there in the market. How will you know which is the right one for you? A lot of times you randomly search the internet to look for different service providers. There is absolutely no guarantee that the service provider you are choosing is good. The choice made by you can be bad and you might just end up regretting your decision. With this you will start searching again; hence making the right decision in the first place itself is very important because not everyone has so much time to spare.

When looking for the right service provider, these are the things you should consider:-

  • Services – Are the services that the company or the vendor is proving fitting your requirements and are they meeting your needs?
  • Quality – Service quality should be your ultimate concern. If a company or a service provider cannot offer you top-notch quality then there is no point wasting time on them.
  • Price – Price is again a very important factor. We all are always in search of good service at a low price. If you can get that, then it’s a win-win situation.

Finndit brings you service providers that are the best in the town. With Finndit you can save your money, time, and effort by finding just the right service provider in a single click. Every service provider listed on Finndit has been verified and handpicked for its superior quality services. Use Finndit for all local service searches and you shall not be disappointed. For anything and everything, just FINNDIT.

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Finndit has the Power to Manage your Campaign

Campaign management is quite a daunting task; it is not everyone’s cup of tea. A well-crafted campaign can do wonders for your business. It helps the business in maintaining momentum and focus all round the year. A powerful campaign aids in keeping track of your business in a very consistent manner, this is what builds brands.

Campaigns are effective in all kinds of selling and buying. Whether you are ready to launch a new product, selling a service or making people aware that your business exists, whatever it be, campaigns are transformative to a large extent. Managing a campaign isn’t easy. There are so many things one running the campaign needs to deal with. Campaigns are actually concentrated marketing efforts that focus on sending the businesses’ message across their network to achieve a business goal specific in nature.

Finndit takes up this task of managing your campaigns. Campaign management involves executing, analysing, tracking and optimization of such campaign. They do it all to make your brand a hit on this local search engine website. While this might sound like a very easy peasy job to you, but it is quite a challenge to grab the right audience for you. Worry not, Finndit is adept in and has the power to manage your campaign.

There are tons of campaigns and marketing happening at every passing second, all around the world. If the focus is not on the right audience then the campaign goes waste and you lose out on a big chunk of the publicity that your business is in need of.

The right platform is very important for the publicity of your product and services. Finndit is that platform which can never fail you. We take up every campaign with proper planning and timely execution. We have the right audience for you that resonates with the campaign we set for you. Here at Finndit you shall be able to address your target audience directly. Hence, there will be an increase in your rate of response as the campaign will surely spark the interest of your audience.

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