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Want to maintain strong bones?

Here’s what you need to do!

You might think that maintaining strong bones is quite a difficult task. But, this is not true. It is fairly easier than you think. Bones play a very important role in protecting the organs of the body and providing structure to them.

By the age of 30, people reach their peak bone mass density. But, as you age, your body starts losing bone strength. In fact, there are chances that you develop osteoporosis which leads to weak and fragile bones. This is why it becomes extremely essential to maintain bone strength and slow down bone loss. For this, you need to follow some very simple steps which include:

Choosing a calcium-rich diet:

Not having sufficient calcium in your diet leads to low bone mass density, as it is one of the most important requirements for good bone health. So, get enough calcium-rich foods and add dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. You can also add non-dairy products such as beans, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables.

Physical Activity:

Getting engaged in any kind of physical activity improves bone health. In fact, the studies have shown that people who perform strength training are more likely to develop more bone strength and high density. Even in older adults, it has shown some positive results.

Protein Intake:

Do you know that 50% of our bones are made up of protein? This is why protein is a must for healthy bones. Having low protein in your diet diminishes the calcium from the bones and increases acidity in the blood. According to a study, people who consume approximately 90g of protein every day are less likely to lose bone strength and mass from their arm, hip, spine, and leg areas.

The amount of Vitamin D and Vitamin K:

Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in absorbing calcium in foods. To get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D, Finndit will help you find places to get daily items containing vitamin D and vitamin K such as fortified soy, rice beverages fortified orange juice, fatty fish, Egg yolks, and Fortified yogurts.

Limit Caffeine and alcohol:

You should not exceed more than 300mg of caffeine in a day. It reduces the absorption of calcium. At the same time, the consumption of alcohol results in bone loss, especially if you take more than 2-3 drinks per day.

In every stage of life, bone health holds so much importance. Despite its importance, a number of people take bone health for granted. Before the symptoms become visible, pay attention to your lifestyle and the type of food you include in your diet.

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Give your interior home a Chic & Stylish look!

Dwell in Happy Home with the best Interior Designers near you

Time to revamp your room? Let’s get the best ideas and revive your room to make it look cozier.

You probably know there are countless interior designs to décor a room and transform it into a beautiful home. WHAT WE LOVE: An eye for a great view! You might get lost in the home tour section. Are you all set to look at what we have stored for you?

We are here to fill your head with everything you need to know.

Tip #1: Choose your style accordingly:

Here is a trick to assist you to hone your style: explore your storeroom and your closet. One thing to help you with deciding your style is to consider how you need a space to feel. You might want a living room design in customary, formal, rich? Lively, entertaining? Monochromatic, modern? Well, you can have it according to your own style.

Tip #2: Creative ideas:

To make a genuinely exceptional look, show things that you really love. You may need a home designer or bedroom designer to help you with. However, you should keep in mind that any room will not be complete without the components that you love such as; photos, keepsakes, vintage treasures, and a lot more. These will make the room designing look intriguing and give a good reflection of your personality and taste.

Tip #3: Mix up your designs:

In some cases, it's exceptional that we become involved with the prohibitive of do's and don'ts when it comes to interior plans. This can make your space look dull or cliché, particularly when you want to make a decent attempt into one stylistic layout. Jump in get innovative and crafty, add your best swatches to color up your room.

As seasons change, so do trends! So you can go with the flow of the latest trends to revamp your home. You can also get inside an interior designer’s head and bring your dream ideas into the spotlight, and find the most affordable interior designer near you with Finndit. We have narrowed down the best interior designers, we know you will love to tune in.

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Happy International Literacy day

Be a Reader today & Leader tomorrow!

8th September is marked as an International Literacy Day by United Nations. This day reminds society about the importance of education and literacy. And, in 2021 it has even more significance, as COVID-19 has left a negative impact on the students and literacy educators. Literacy programs across the globe have explored that distance learning centre, has faced a number of challenges. It seriously requires the contraction of the digital divide with respect to the latest technology trends, connectivity, and infrastructure. At Finndit, there are a number of educators who give the opportunity of distance learning. To know more, keep reading.

Expanding the learning opportunities

put it in simple words, distance learning should fall prey to limited learning options. But, how can this be done? Well, the answer to this question lies in narrowing the digital divide. Even the theme for literacy day 2021 also talks about the same fact. This year it is being celebrated under the theme “Literacy for a human-centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide”.

The pandemic interrupted the normal learning process, ultimately giving rise to distance learning. Last year United Nations stated that around 773 million people were not able to get access to online classes and ultimately lacked literacy skills.

However, even during these difficult times, endless efforts are being made to expand the learning opportunities.

What will be done in literacy day 2021?

International literacy day 2021 will work in regard to human-centered recovery, keeping in mind the expansion of digital skills. At the same time, it will also identify how technology can broaden literacy and helps every single student. All in all, it will give an opportunity to reframe future distance learning processes.

Literacy Rate and Level of Education in India

The ministry of home affairs carries out a census after every 10 years in India. As per the latest census conducted in 2011, India handled to have a literacy rate of 75%. However, the number varies in different cities and states in India. With a literacy rate of 94%, Kerala has the highest literacy rate. Among males, it was 78.8% and in females, it was 59.3%. However, a large gap was observed in the rural areas. With digitization and developing technology trends, it is vital to work for the weaker sections of society.

For this, the government of India took some steps such as scholarship programs, the mid-day meal scheme, the Samagra Shiksha program, awareness programs, allocation of uniforms, books, and stationery. This increased the level of education in India and led to the development at a personal level.

Literacy is one of the most important parts and inmost elements of education. To have an all-around development of empowerment, literacy has a huge role to play. It has the power to transform the lives of individuals. You can bring out a positive change in your lives and take the assistance of the professionals at Finndit. Let’s come together in this literacy world and change the world with extraordinary literacy and digital skills.

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Teacher’s Day 2021: Keeping Up With Virtual Celebration

Teacher’s Day is around the corner with a number of educational institutes following the COVID guidelines and laws. The pandemic got exposed to a greater level, redirecting a sudden switch to virtual classes. Clearly, changing the teaching patterns.

Social Distancing and Teaching

We have no idea if the teaching patterns will come back to normal or get changed. But, something that will never change is the passion put in by the teachers. They have been helping the students to grow and learn the facts with every bit of enthusiasm. We should truly identify their effort and the role they have played in the lives of the students, even in challenging times.

So, are you looking for some creative and thoughtful ideas to present to your teacher? Here, we have covered some of the ways that will guide you to keep with the virtual teacher’s day celebration. Have a glimpse!

A Virtual Card:

Make a beautiful thank you graphic or a virtual card to celebrate good memories. To make it even more interesting you can add some of your certificates achieved by the teacher’s assistance.

An Image:

You can get a picture clicked while attending your online class at home and send it to your teacher.

A Video:

Make a video and let your teacher know why you are thankful. Do not forget to include your parents to say a word of appreciation.

A Greeting Card:

Consider designing an ecard expressing all the hard work done by your teacher. Remember to mention how you learned virtually while sitting at home.

An E-Mail:

You can write an email and express all the gratitude for all the endless number of attempts they have put in the last two years in remote teaching.

A Song:

You can team up with your classmates and sing a thank you song. You can even try creating your own lyrics mentioning the name of your teacher.

A Photo Collage:

A photo collage is a great way to express gratitude. For this, you can even team up with your classmates and prepare a message conveying how they helped you excel in academics. For example, the teaching professionals at Finndit provide quality education. Undoubtedly, their effort needs to be appreciated.

Anywhere, the anytime learning concept is spreading widely. It has made the connection easier and simpler. The educators have acted as problem-solvers while lending their skills to the students even in these difficult times. Here at Finndit, you reach the smallest corner of the country and get access to the best teachers across the globe.

We hope that this blog post has helped you with the ideas to honor the educators and the teaching professionals. We wish you a very Happy Teacher’s Day. Do not let the new teaching norms interrupt the teacher’s day celebration.

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