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International Yoga Day

Yoga at home and Yoga at Family

Yoga to the salvage in the lockdown!

It's no longer about achieving the perfect body or perfect curves, during this pandemic people have started hitting the mat to counter the ravaging effects of coronavirus, be it physical or mental.

We need Yoga more than ever now, the whole spotlight today is on physical and mental prosperity.

Some people have shared their experiences that Yoga has helped in breathing issues post-recovery of Covid-19. It helped many patients in easing stress and pain, maintaining mobility, and breathing easier.

Ever heard of Yoga asanas before? It is a relaxation technique and helps in reducing chronic pain, headaches, arthritis and lower back pain. Yoga is beneficial for people suffering from sickness and wellness issues.

Believe it or not, there are really innumerable of advantages in Yoga.

What's more, in the event that you want to live a healthy, good life, now it's the ideal opportunity for you to begin to hit the mat more frequently than before. We have some extraordinary tips for you, which you can take into training:

1. Carry Your Tree Pose to Nature
Practice outside and breathe some fresh air into your yoga poses. Practice at your local park, or even in your backyard, but remember to carry on with covid precautions whenever you step out. Encircle yourself in a new environment that can be engaging and have new things to focus on.

2. Do your "om" thing
Make your own progression and find new mixes to your #1 music. Sometimes a change in movement or music can help you focus your energy and sync your breathing perfectly to musical transitions.

3. Acquaint a friend to the yoga lifestyle

Bringing a companion can be the perfect inspiration you need to patch up with your Yoga. It can revamp your practice. Not only will their presence inspire you, but they can also help you in various perspectives. A win-win.

Let's take out 20-30 minutes every day for a little session of yoga, amidst the hectic schedules of working, eating, sleeping, and recreate a great life. People have started yoga lessons online for better immunity and mental health.

So hit it on the mat NOW!!! Hold up, bringing good news for you, Finndit offers some of the best yoga classes, which you may very well be searching for. And, you don’t want to miss it. So go on, make the most of your yoga sessions with Finndit.

On this International Yoga Day, make a new beginning by practicing yoga consistently.

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World Environment Day

ECOLOGICAL RESTORATION: A path to recovery and well-being

Ecosystem Restoration is one of the most vital methods of delivering nature-based solutions for food insecurity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and biodiversity loss. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we have seen the environment begin to heal itself gradually. There has been a vital environmental change during the pandemic. Our air is cleaner, thanks to a drastic reduction in travel and transport and fewer pollutants being put into the environment.

While the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns around the globe have temporarily decreased the stress humans create on the planet’s ecosystems, will return. It is inevitable. But the return to higher air and water pollution need not be inevitable—not if we invest in restoring thriving ecosystems right now.

Hence, the World Environment Day celebrated on June 5th, has developed a platform to elevate awareness on the issues facing our environment such as air pollution, plastic pollution, unlawful wildlife trade, sustainable consumption, etc. This year’s subject matter for World Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration.It means assisting in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed, as well as conserving the ecosystems that are still intact.

Ecosystem Restoration for People, Nature and Climate can happen in many ways; through actively executing a plan for the improvements in the environment such as planting or removing pressures for nature to recover on its own.

What harm has been done to nature is done, it is not possible to return the ecosystem to its original state but the least we can do is implement an environment that drives to ensure recovery and restoration of our environment. Ecosystem restoration techniques can be launched by anyone from governments and development agencies to businesses, communities, and individuals. Bringing degraded ecosystem back to life isn’t as impossible as it may seem, we are simply giving nature space to recover. Ecological restoration is important for assisting the recovery that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. Henceforth, the United Nations has declared 2021-2030 the “Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.”

Our generation is the time to make peace with nature. Humans and the planet can be healthy as long as the ecosystem is healthy. Restoring ecosystem is as important as saving lives. It’s a high crucial time now, to step forward take action to restore our ecosystem to its healthy life.

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World No Tobacco Day

Commit to quit: Stop burning your life!

Each year, World No Tobacco Day shines a global spotlight on the destructive effects of tobacco. People should start paying heed on the importance of this event and immediately call-to-action.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the tobacco users, awaking them about the danger which they may face up to 50% high risk of developing severe disease and even death from COVID-19. Millions of tobacco users declares they want to quit. But the common question arrives from them like, ‘How to quit tobacco naturally?’ or ‘How to mentally prepare to quit smoking?’ Especially for person's suffering from addiction, it makes it harder to stop, even if they are motivated to quit.

Hence, we brought a few ways to help you to quit tobacco in a natural way, to lead a healthier life.

Stick to your plan:

For tobacco users, the urge to smoke is very strong. But once you decide to quit, stick to that decision. A strong will goes a long way. Keep reminding yourself that you want to lead a healthier life and leave the old dangerous habits. Surround yourself with people who can help you cope up with your plan.

Set a date:

Once decided to quit, don’t turn back. Follow up your routine. It’s quite impossible to get rid of the addiction in one snap. It takes time and effort. So if you are ready to face your challenge, start reducing the count of cigarettes each day until you reach the count to zero. Set a day, to go completely free cigarette, which will gradually help you to reach your goal in no time.

Talk to your doctor:

As you have planned to start a new journey to quit, talking to your doctor about your tobacco use, may actually help you feel better, given with proper knowledge and guidance. In addition, we also have some most experienced and professional doctors who can help you out with your problems..

Start adopting a healthy lifestyle beyond quitting smoking, such as exercising and eating healthier. Finndit has a bundle of fitness and gym classes and a dietitian who can help you to have better healthy life and well-being. So stay positive and don’t give up on quitting.

Begin your new journey with tobacco-free today.

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Fight Against the Deadly Corona

Life hasn’t been normal ever since we heard of the deadly virus “COVID-19”

Amusing as it may sound, the “Coronavirus” won’t just flee by chanting “Go Corona Go” or gather together in a group singing “Corona song” at the top of your lungs.

Time to WAKE UP my dear good citizens, and let’s face the brutal reality together. The deadly virus has knocked us down pretty hard and it has been our worst enemy since then.

During the past few days, we woke up in a total nightmare, heartbreaking as it was watching millions of people grieving for the loss of their loved ones, and we can all relate to that pain. In fact, many people have started offering prayers, fasting, conducting daily pujas, pleading to their gods for the fear of corona not to befall upon any of their families and loved ones. Many of us have seen that grief has set off our anger, our hearts have turned stone-cold. But is this worth it?

We’ve all had enough of this virus, it has taken away everything from us. But rather than being angry, don’t you think we should first ask ourselves where that anger might stem from. Are we actually angry at the virus? the doctors? hospitals? the situation?  or maybe ourselves for not taking precautions?

All of this, confusion is going to land us nowhere until we open our eyes and ears and see the reality about what we can actually do. So in the absence of other options, is there anything we can do?

Well, the answer is “YES” We have to adapt to the new normal, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, maintain social distancing, carrying hand sanitizer.

One bonus point; a new study has recently found the method of PRONING

Ever heard of that? Perhaps it can be a new word for you, well from this moment on you will always remember since I am going to share with you the top benefits. Proning is a position when a person lies on the stomach, with face down. The prone position is a basic respiratory support, which improves oxygenation, reducing the need for invasive ventilation.

The expert says that it is especially beneficial for COVID-19 patients without a ventilator, so you can do a good gesture by increasing this awareness to your friends and families. And you may save a life.

As we see daily on the news popping up, reporting the hospitals reeling under the shortage of oxygen supply and medical facilities. At such crucial juncture, “how to improve your oxygen levels” is going viral in Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media’s. It has brought to our awareness that this method can also save lives. Isn’t that a big deal? Yes, you heard it right, It’s a life saver. So if any of your families are having troubles with breathing you can suggest this exercise. They won’t have to waste a penny.

Meanwhile, as we locked ourselves up in our homes, we shall practice all the necessary methods to avoid catching this deadly virus. If you think you cannot do much as a normal citizen, you are highly wrong.  As long as you take up and follow the COVID- protocols you are actually saving thousands of lives. Be a great example around you.

Henceforth, in our toughest times, let us find hope, encourage each other and be optimistic. Like we say nothing last forever so, “This too shall pass”

Remember, protecting yourself means you are protecting your loved ones and the people around you.


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