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Cows, Buffaloes and other Domesticated animals are getting many types of diseases these days. The main reason is lack of balanced diet and chemical spray on the fodder. It effects their health, immunity and also decreases milk productivity. But there is no need to panic now as Dashmesh Group have brought world class multi purpose feed supplements which will fulfill the essential elements for your domesticated animal's health, increase their milk productivity and help them to conceive on time. So, you would be completely benefitted in regards to your domestic animal's overall healthcare.
The leading products of The Dashmesh Group are as following:
Utroper : Uterine Tonic for animals
Enerwithgo: Energy Tonic for animals
AI Set: animal food supplement
Mestiofit: Cures mastitis issue in animals
Kisan Liv: Liver tonic and growth enhancer
Digofer: Digestion powder for animals
Dadwal Gel: Cures milk fever in animals
Gromina 21: Improves conception rate and cures breading issues
M99: Calcium and mineral mixture for animals
Canovit H: Multivitamin and caft product for animals
Cal99: Calcium for animals
Kisan Rise gives assurance regarding quality of the products. If you also want to keep your animals fit and healthy, get The Dashmesh Group products.

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