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World’s Computer Literacy Day 2021: Strengthen Your Computer Skills

World’s computer literacy day was launched by the NIIT to mark its 20th anniversary in 2001. This was done in response to a research which demonstrated computer usage more by men as compared to women.

Every year, World’s Computer Literacy day is celebrated annually on 2nd December to create awareness about the role of computers in our lives and to improve digital literacy. To make it happen, it is essential to develop computer skills among women and children in India.

2021: The Age of Computers

As the pandemic expanded across the globe, schools and colleges were shut. The entire education system got transformed, where remote learning was the only way out to continue the learning process. From primary class students to university professionals, everybody had to follow the remote learning patterns. This is clear evidence that remote learning is the new trend.

Not only this, almost every workplace has computers to complete daily tasks. In fact, a number of companies would expect you to work on a computer system the entire day. Whether it is a learning institute or a professional workplace, computer literacy is a must.

To be more precise, the professionals with low computer literacy had a difficult time during the pandemic. According to recent data, approximately 16.89 million people did not have any access to computers and the internet. This is time to learn all the technological skills and survive in today’s age where data is considered valuable.

Ways To Improve Computer Literacy

Now you know the importance of computer literacy. Computer literacy is all about making use of the computers and technology related to it. However, this can range from basic knowledge to managing platforms or computer programming. Depending on your profile you can learn computer literacy skills and strengthen digital literacy.

Basic Computer Skills : If you are a student and you are not well-versed with the technology, start with typing, MS Word, excel, Google docs, create graphs, charts and powerpoint.

The Search Engines: As a student or a professional, you should have the quality to search the information online. Whether you have to prepare a topic or be productive at work environments, search engines provide every information required.

E-Mail And Communication Programme: Communication plays an important part in any workplace. Many organisations use messaging systems such as Gma il, Slack, GoDaddy and Outlook. Get familiar with these online platforms.

Other skills that you should focus on are payroll systems and social media platforms. To get proper training you even enroll yourself for educational courses. Finndit is here to help you with the best teaching professionals. Not only this will let you achieve better, but also implement knowledge of these computer skills and software.


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