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Animals listen to your blues! What are you doing for them?

Just like humans, animals too need love, care, and affection. Every year World’s Animal welfare day is celebrated on 4th October to increase the status of animals across the globe. But, this is not only about just one day. We need to take steps every day to raise their status. Yet, this day is a wonderful reminder.

Are you really fulfilling your duty as an individual?

The very first animal day was celebrated on March 24, 1925. It was founded by animal activist Heinrich Zimmermann. And, today it has turned into a global event. The head of Tibetan Buddhism Dalai Lama once said killing animals for any reason, be it for sport, pleasure, or adventure, furs are very distressing. There is no justification in involving in such acts of brutality. Clearly, as humans it is our responsibility to make this planet a better place for animals.

How can you do your part?

Donate to some non-profit organization, anything that you can afford.

You can visit a local shelter or an animal sanctuary. This will help you to find species at one place. By visiting an animal sanctuary you can do something better with your time. Also, if you want you can adopt a new family member. After all, the pets are just like other humans living around to spread the happiness

Know about animal issues and see what you can do on your part. Especially, taking an animal to a veterinary doctor, if they need some extra care.

If you have your own pet, you can make a favourite meal or get a favourite toy. But, this should not be done on this day. Showing extra care to your pet everyday boosts their mood and keeps them safe, healthy and happy.

Try avoiding products that hurt them. Go through the pet care section of Finndit. Here you can find some interesting products for your pet. From food items to clothing, there are a variety of products that are easily available.

People around the world organize events or shows on world animal welfare day. If you are also interested in organizing an event, you can organize it under the banner of world animal welfare day. For this, you can also get in touch with theevent organizers at Finndit and have a headache-free event.


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