Genius tips for storing winter clothes

Winters comes with a whole new fashion and a wardrobe full of woollen clothes. Have you been wondering why your gorgeous coats, sweaters and shawls look a little duller than the last time?

We will tell you why!!

When summers approach, you are tempted to put your woollens aside as they occupy so much of your closet’s space. Tossing your winter clothes in a box or a space bag is a quick fix solution, but it is quite possible you might not find them in their best state the next year if you do not store them properly. Winter clothes are delicate and need special attention. Taking the time and storing your winter clothing properly can save you from frustration, re-purchasing, moth-eaten woollens and a funky odour when the winters return the next year.

Let us give you some tips on how you can store your winter clothes so that your winter gear is ready to flatter all and also keep you warm in the next coming winters.

  1. Before you put away your winter clothes, segregate the ones you are sure you won’t be wearing the next season. Donate whatever you don’t wear.
  2. Clean with a mild detergent or dry clean all the winter clothes even if you have worn them only once. Storing dirty winter wear will encourage the moths and silver-fish to attack your winter cloth fibre, leading to holes in your clothes.
  3. Do not use a fabric softener, bleach or starch as these attract the pests. Make sure you clean them with a basic detergent only.
  4. Any cloth that is damaged should be repaired when you are putting them away. Many dry-cleaners would be happy to be of assistance in repairing your sweaters and zippers at reasonable costs.
  5. Never store the woollens in a plastic bag because that doesn’t allow the cloth to breathe. The woollen might have some moisture which the plastic bag won’t allow to evaporate.
  6. Pick the right place to store your woollens. Avoid storing woollens in the basement, attic or garage as these places tend to be humid compared to other places in the house. Under the bed or in one corner of the closet is a better storage place.

To help keep your woollens fresh, clean and ready to wear in the next winter season, Finndit brings you a list of the best Dry Cleaners near you. Get your dirty woollens dry cleaned so that the next time you unpack your woollens, they would be as new as when you bought them.


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