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Why Should Mental Health be a Priority?

We always have been giving so much importance to our physical health. When it comes to physical wellness, people rush to doctors without giving any second thought. On the other hand mental health is never considered significant. It comes as no surprise that talking about anxiety and depression is still considered as a stigma.

The taboo about mental health

People feel disgrace in accepting the fact that they are going through stress in their life. It is usually found that people prefer sweeping the problem instead of accepting them. As a result, bringing more pain into your life.

Psychological Impact of Covid

During the pandemic, a complete lockdown was observed which interfered with people’s mental health. A sudden change was seen in the people's behavior patterns.

In fact, a survey conducted by Indian Psychiatry society stated that about two-fifths of participants had anxiety. Approximately, 10% of the participants had depression. And, 40.5% of the participants were dealing with anxiety or depression.

Also, around 74% of people were suffering from moderate levels of stress. These figures clearly state the level of mental health in our country.

During lockdown mental health issues saw a sudden rise. Staying indoors, self-quarantining and maintaining social distance are some of the reasons that led to breakthroughs. Clearly, there is a need to expand the mental health services.

As an individual, it is your responsibility to look for the symptoms and take quick action before it’s too late. The team of Finndit has come up with the best psychiatrist near you. Book the appointment and fight back with your poor mental health.

Strategies that you can perform on your own to fight mental health issues

As discussed above, mental health is a vital aspect of life and accounts for the overall quality of life. Not dealing with these issues means not taking care of your needs. And, self care is one such step that helps in prioritizing mental health. Try to find out the activities that you love doing or some exercise that gives you immense satisfaction. Some other ways you can adopt are:

  1. Practice Mindfulness
  2. Positive Affirmations
  3. Communicate
  4. Food Therapy
  5. Proper sleep hours

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean only eating right or getting involved in physical activity or sleeping well. Undoubtedly, it involves all of that, but mental health cannot be ignored. No matter how busy you are, always keep your mental health a priority. For professional guidance you can seek help from Finndit’s verified psychiatrists.


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