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Perfumes: A smart way to introduce yourself

It might come to your surprise that people tend to remember their loved ones or strangers through the smell they wear. Even psychology says that some highly emotional events in our lives are encoded as smell memories. Clearly, the smell you wear is saying a lot about you and your personality without even saying a word. For this reason, you need to consider a lot of factors before picking any perfume for yourself.

What do perfumes say about you?

Any person’s fragrance says a lot about their personality. Initially it was used to mask the body odour. But, today it has altogether a different meaning. It has become a form of self- expression. For example,

  1. The aquatic scents depict a cool, free-spirited and an intellectual personality.
  2. Floral scents portray that you are a friendly and fun loving person.
  3. If you love fruity smells, it shows that you are very energetic and people enjoy your company.
  4. People who prefer green fragrances love drama and entertainment in their lives. They are sophisticated and classy.

How to choose the best perfume online?

Well! As a woman you want to have a signature perfume that defines you. Isn’t it? But if you buy them online, you cannot smell them. Thus, it is essential to look into a few things which includes:

Doing Research:

Before you pick any perfume for yourself do not forget to do your homework. Check the reviews of your customers. You can see if any blogger is posting about the perfume you are liking. For best results, you can prefer going through the list created by Finndit. This will give you insight about some of the best perfume shops.


The description about the online products are genuine and contain the relevant information. This can really help you to get a better understanding, if it suits your lifestyle and personality.

A quiz:

Scent quizzes are one of the smart ways to get to know about your perfume preferences. They will explain to you about the types of scents that you really like.

Once you have completed these three steps, you are good to go. We hope that the information mentioned above will help you to discover the smell that defines exactly who you are. If you are all set to buy a new perfume for yourself, go through them Finndit and see what all it has to offer you in finding an ideal perfume.


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